Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Ban Public Children In Midland

Okay, okay, so it's a double post...I can't help it.

I have to get this off my mind. I am appaulled at the onslaught of children I am being subjected to by certain selfish (dare I say) citizens of Midland, TX! Everywhere I go, I am within at least ten to fifteen feet of someones annoying child. Now hear me out!

Young kids are not illegal. I do realize that. Most people have the common decency to leave them at home though. How many times must I be interupted by a screaming kid at a restaraunt? How many times must I sit at the movie and watch these children run up and down the aisles while their parents sit idly by? Crying at the grocery store. Giggling at ugly people while they stand in line (not me, I'm a hottie). Meanwhile, us honest, law abiding, tax paying, animal petting, grass mowing, church going, non-fat milk drinking, exercise daily, genuine lovable, favorites of God himself, human beings take it. No more!

Tolerant of children? That's fine. But you are killing old people!! In a recently published surgeon general's test it's proven that old people's blood pressure has a 30,452% increase when arround badly behaved kids. Blood pressure is linked to heart disease. Heart disease is the number one cause of death, to living people, in America today. Old people have a .03 to 130 decreased effiecency of their immune system. USA Today just published a study conducted by The University of Iowa that PROVES little kids have snot on their hands and get it on everything they touch. How can you dog kicking, forrest fire starting, green house effect promoting, non-recycling parents continue this genicide of the elderly?

5.3 million old people in Midland, TX will die today, due to exposure to badly behaved children!

Stop the madness!


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